Changes include

  • Fixed character "Jump" graphic to line up better with hitbox.
  • Fixed character hitbox issue with "tether deployed" graphic.
  • Fixed Log Terminal text that went off the side of the terminal.
  • Fixed menu cursor position when initially opening the pause menu.
  • Fixed Title "glitch" effect that displayed incorrectly for one frame.
  • Fixed issue where, on computers with WebGL enabled, but "Video Effects" options set to Some or None, certain objects using WebGL effects would still display WebGL effects.  (I missed one effect, it's minor but it will be fixed next patch.)
  • Attempted fix of Tether appearing in the wrong position when attached to dangling wires.
  • Mac upload should now (hopefully) work without requiring manual fixes from the user.


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Version 18 84 days ago
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Version 17 84 days ago
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Version 17 84 days ago

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