Speedrun and Accessibility Update - Version 1.1.0

This version of Visual Out contains an extra menu with options for aiding accessibility and speedrunning.

This updates adds options for:

  • Map Assist mode that adds placement and item markers to the pause menu map
  • Always-On HUD for people who prefer a more traditional UI experience
  • Invincibility
  • Infinite Energy
  • Manual Text Advance mode for people having trouble reading on-screen dialogue
  • On-Screen Timer
  • Cutscene Skip mode for speedruns
  • Seeded Glyph Rooms, making speedruns more consistent between runs


Visual Out - Linux 102 MB
Version 1.1.0 Jun 19, 2018
Visual Out - OSX 108 MB
Version 1.1.0 Jun 19, 2018
Visual Out - Windows 88 MB
Version 1.1.0 Jun 19, 2018

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