• Fixed major exploit where solving the Glyph puzzle would solve it in all saves until the game was exited completely
  • Fixed major bug where the player could move while they were in a wire using Current
  • Fixed major Dash bug that would freeze the player in place if there was a wall to the right side of them
  • Fixed bug where the glyph puzzle "ding" sound would play every time you loaded the game
  • Fixed duplicate Tether glitch when using a controller
  • Fixed Shield showing up on title screen
  • Fixed dialogue text showing up below Lights Off layer when power is off
  • Fixed getting hurt while in a wire using the Current
  • Fixed misdrawn map
  • Fixed bug where dashing through a door would cause ammo particles to float lower on the player than normal
  • Fixed more ammo pickup shenanigans 
  • Fixed lasers going through the floor
  • Fixed mismatched door collision
  • Fixed getting stuck in draggable blocks
  • Fixed bug where if you land on the same frame as the peak of your jump, the game thinks you're "jumping" forever
  • Fixed S1_23 not containing music or feedback button
  • Fixed bug where the Shield would stay visible when inside a wire using Current
  • Removed hidden area that used to contain cut content
  • Changed Shield and Jammer icons
  • Changed some dialogue slightly
  • Changed Drone laser so it's easier to see when they are aiming
  • Added sound effect for Rocket Jump
  • Added section in S2_3 that allows for backtracking at a certain point
  • Changed completion percent calculation so that the final boss no longer counts towards total (made it easier to tell when you've reached 100% completion before beating the game)
  • Added a savestate after the final boss that adds a Clear marker to a beaten save game
  • Added ability to load a Clear game and continue playing from the last save point (if you want to go back and 100% the game)
  • Added completion percent and completion time to the end credits


Visual Out - Linux 102 MB
Version 22 Feb 13, 2018
Visual Out - OSX 108 MB
Version 21 Feb 13, 2018
Visual Out - Windows 88 MB
Version 22 Feb 13, 2018

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