• Fixed "Camera Focus" bug where focus points below the player would cause the camera to move upwards.
  • Fixed minor bug where Save Rooms would not always spawn you between the save point and the door, causing a movement inconvenience.
  • Fixed broken lasers in room S2_11.
  • Fixed a door that would cause the player to float.
  • Fixed effects bug that caused the Current tether to move with dangling wires even if effects were turned off and the wire did not dangle.
  • Fixed major bug that caused Boss 3 to break and be uncompletable.
  • Fixed bug that caused the "Glyph" solution to reset every time the game is closed.
  • Partially fixed breakable blocks letting the player stick to walls.
  • Changed Glyph Rooms to be larger and contain minor platforming elements
  • Changed Glyph graphics so they are all the same scale and position, and line up on a grid
  • Changed Current Ride wire graphic to contain an additional texture, used on non-ground background elements (like in S1_11)
  • Added "headache" areas around certain cameras that were un-affected by the Jammer, in order to mitigate confusion.
  • Added cutscenes when bosses are defeated.


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Version 16 Jan 17, 2018
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Version 16 Jan 17, 2018
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Version 16 Jan 17, 2018

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