Changes include:

  • Fixed a bug regarding a camera above a door, and the door opening and closing repeatedly.
  • Fixed a tile layering issue.
  • Fixed a bug where Drone enemies didn't really die if you killed them.
  • Replaced a floor texture to make more sense.
  • Changed laser sounds so they only play when lasers are on-screen.
  • Changed the Spammer enemy slightly.
  • Added extra effect options - Now in addition to toggling WebGL effects on and off, you can set it lower so even some non-WebGL effects are turned off.  Hopefully this helps framerate on older systems some.
  • Added 15 new sound effects


Visual Out - Linux 102 MB
Version 14 Jan 02, 2018
Visual Out - OSX 108 MB
Version 14 Jan 02, 2018
Visual Out - Windows 88 MB
Version 14 Jan 02, 2018

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