Changelog is as follows:

  • Fixed a memory leak caused by an out-of-date NW.JS plugin
  • Fixed a door that would get you stuck after Sector 2
  • Fixed a bug where certain triggers caused the Tether function to not work
  • Fix "pain" sfx that doesn't stop when game is paused
  • Fixed a bug where lasers would be at their full length for one frame even if they should be stopped by something
  • Fixed some missing collision blocks
  • Jump particles now come from character's feet, not mid-torso
  • Remapping Equip [ZXC] controls now correctly displays Equip Menu
  • Added a Pre-Loading screen
  • Added extra blocks in a room to aid reaching an object with the Tether
  • Added extra laser particles
  • Updated/Added Some Sound Effects - intro cutscene, draggy blocks, and talking
  • Updated Intro Cutscene
  • Updated a fan asset's graphic
  • Turned off some debug stuff that shouldn't be on
  • Added ~secrets~


Visual Out - Linux 99 MB
Version 11 Dec 14, 2017
Visual Out - OSX 104 MB
Version 11 Dec 14, 2017
Visual Out - Windows 86 MB
Version 11 Dec 14, 2017

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Will you be releasing this on Steam when complete?...and if so, will you be implementing Steam Achievements?...thanks in advance for your time, the game looks awesome!..

Hi!  This will be on Steam!  You can wishlist it here to get a notification when it comes out: http://store.steampowered.com/app/675910/Visual_Out/

I'll try to get achievements to work.  If not for release, then maybe in an update.  Thanks!