There wasn't a patch last week (instead I finished the trailer and Steam store page!) so this week's patch is pretty big.  (You may need to delete your save. I'm not sure.  Play with your old save at your own risk, but if a bug is encountered, please delete your save and try to replicate on a clean save before submitting a bug report)

Changes are as follows:

  • Fixed (I hope) a visual bug in the first boss room wherein un-attached wires appear attached.
  • Fixed a small sequence break.  It may be possible, but it will be harder to get the timing right.  I'm not super concerned about this because the sequence break doesn't net much progress anyway.
  • Fixed minor bug that caused Tether to switch targeted objects.
  • Removed "No-Save" behavior left behind from the old save system.
  • Removed Drag-and-Drop behavior (used for testing) from an object.
  • Shield now correctly blocks ceiling laser objects.
  • Re-routed S2_10 to require players to turn off power before exiting S2.
  • Added feature to save system, where puzzles (including glyph puzzle) remember completion state.
  • Added Charge Dash upgrade.
  • Added Charge Turret Upgrade.
  • Added Corner Assist to jumps.
  • Changes to rooms S2_6, S2_7, S2_12, S2_15,  S2_16, S2_17, S4_4, S4_6, S4_8


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    Version 10 Nov 28, 2017
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    Version 10 Nov 28, 2017
    Visual Out - Windows 88 MB
    Version 10 Nov 28, 2017

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