This is an incredibly important update!  I have replaced the save system as a result of an bug that was taking so long to solve that it wasn't worth it anymore.

BE SURE TO DELETE YOUR SAVE FILES.  Your old save no longer functions with this version.  Saves are located at [UserFolder]\Documents\Games\VisualOut\saves.txt

Changes in this version include:

  • Implemented New Save System.
  • Fixed a bug regarding a debug mishap that occurs sometimes.  Now, if there are duplicate Character objects in a layout, the second of the two objects will be destroyed.
  • Fixed a bug where you begin the game with one Charge.
  • Fixed rooms S2_7 and S3_17 so that Log collectables are reachable.
  • Fixed S3_17 so that it is possible to progress with graphic effects turned off.
  • Replaced graphic for Turret Chain target blocks.
  • Replaced graphic on Turret Physics blocks.
  • Rerouted S2_10 to be reachable before returning to S2 from S2 (this will be expanded on next patch).
  • Removed frustrating laser from S3_17.


Visual Out - Linux 102 MB
Version 9 Nov 08, 2017
Visual Out - OSX 108 MB
Version 9 Nov 08, 2017
Visual Out - Windows 88 MB
Version 9 Nov 08, 2017

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