A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Five Suns is a 2.5D dungeon crawler set during the Aztec creation myth of the same name.

Play as two children who are imagining the myth as their grandmother tells them the story. Guide the childrens' imaginary selves through a crumbling world and utilize Aztec incenses to activate special abilities that are unique to each character.

Five Suns is a demo level I made while at SCAD with a rather large group of people. As such, payments are disabled. If you would like to support my personal work, check out my other games, like Fragile Soft Machines!

Full Credits for Five Suns:

Core Team:

  • Diane Mueller - Design, Programming
  • Macauley Hopper - Design, Production
  • Nathaniel Frankel - Art
  • Kelsey McEwing - Art
  • Matthew Allen - Art
  • Lauree Akhtar - Production


  • Sarah Ikegami
  • Allison Eddy
  • Noevia Paris
  • Valerie Santos
  • Katie Dornbierer
  • Jameala Simmons

Sound and Music

  • Nicholas Lawrence
  • Kai Paquin
  • Shifted Sound
  • Gabrielle Robinson
  • Graham Merrifield


fivesuns_win.zip 81 MB
fivesuns_linux32.zip 90 MB
fivesuns_linux64.zip 88 MB
fivesuns_osx32.zip 84 MB
fivesuns_osx64.zip 86 MB

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